Stoner Rock & Psychedelic Space Rock

1700+ curated Stoner Rock Psych Fuzzy Doom for exploring the infinite deep space desert in your space van! This is a radio at this point: just hit shuffle with a blunt and enjoy!





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Relaxing Space Stoner Rock

Use this for your meditation, relaxation, sleep or when you PROCEED!
The chillest of the chillest from my Stoner Rock playlist above and even more!




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Below The Sun playlist

Stoner Rock concerts producer in Paris,
this is the constantly updated playlist for our next gigs:





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Lives concerts & misc.

Fullscreen, Sit back and relax:

MORE Spotify playlists:

Heavy Vocal
Stoner Rock

Stoner, Doom & Post

Shamanic Hindu/Northern/Eastern Psychedelics Stoner Rock

The FUZZ Desert of Stoner Rock

(long Stoner & Psych tracks)

CHILLIN' on Psych Rock

Hear the mountains scream!
This playlist is focused on Stoner Rock with some pretty heavy vocals performances!

Instrumental only playlist:
0% vocals for 100% instrumental.
A fuzzy mixt between Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Post and Dooooooom!

Auditive psychedelics: Shamanic, Hindu, Folk, Northern, Eastern, and others influences in Stoner Rock from around the world…
It’s the good shit man
Feel the taste of the desert’ dust during roadtrips on 40° under the red sun: Garage, Heavy Psych, Desert and of course, wait for it.. FUZZ!
Enjoy your long journeys regardless of time with theses very long Psychedelic Stoner Rock Space & Doom tracks, could be whole albums at this point.

Wide variety of positive psych rock, soft vocals, synth, groovy, pop, indie and many good vibing stuff.

Artists corner

You want to play LIVE in Paris ?

Here are 2 great booking associations specialized in
Stoner Rock / Doom / Fuzz underground gigs in Paris (France):

Seriously, please, come play in my town.

Below The Sun


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